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Huge Dildo

Information on a huge dildo, how big is too big, what are they made of, do they feel real, find the answers by reading the description on each dildo you have an interest in. You can determine your maximum size by inserting several fingers, a large cucumber or something similiar, just be careful not to injure yourself. Modern dildos are flexible and feel very much like a real erect penis. Prompt and discreet shipping on all orders. A few popular models are listed below.

The NaturalThe Natural
His name tells you alot, he's made from a soft and flexible rubber that has a very natural feel, what is not natural is he measure 12 inches in overall length with 10.3 insertable and a sensuous 1.8 inches thick. If you enjoy a deep sexual adventure, this huge dildo will certainly do that for you providing many explosive orgasms.

Cock with BallsCock with Balls
If you're longing for a huge dildo to maximize your capacity, this 11 inch long and 2.9 inch thick moster dildo will do the trick. He's equipped with a set of balls that makes a good handle. Use a generous amount of water-based lubricants with this big guy, you might want to warm up with a smaller dildo before inserting this one.

Extreme Dong 14inExtreme Dong 14in
How deep do you want to explore, with this huge dildo you can go up to 16 inches, you're are very optimistic if you think you can take all of him. He's  realistically detailed and has a very sensuous feel. It's made in the U.S. A. from  the highest quality materials. A Strong Suction Cup holds it in place on any smooth horizontal surface. He has a total length of 14 inches with a diameter of 2.35 inches.

Hard SteelHard Steel
This big boy stands 11.5 inches tall (10 insertable) and measures a whopping 2.5 inches thick. It was designed with veins on the large shaft for a sensuous feeling. He's made with a flexible rubber that has a very sensual feel. Be aware of the fact that this is a huge dildo, so use care and don't injure yourself. Be sure to use an adequate amout of lubrication to maximize your pleasure.

10.25 Inch Homeboy image10.25 Inch Homeboy
The Homeboy is long and slim and will stand up to hours of play! Made with Fauxskin material for that ultra realistic feel! Novelty use only. He's a big boy measuring  10.25 inches long and 2.25 inches thick. You're gonna need plenty of water base lube when you use this huge dildo.  

enormous dildo imageThe Shroom Dong
Pay attention to the width of this big boy's head, at 4 inches wide the mushroom head is a challenge for most oversize cock enthusiasts, but the 2.5 inch shaft should come easily after that. In addition the impressive girth, the 7.5 inches of insertable length leave nothing to be desired. This dong is made of a soft jelly rubber material that makes it an altogether unique sensation.

Huge Dildo image Tera's Cherry Scented Vibro-dildo
You'll love the gentle vibrations and the deep penetration from this good looking huge dildo. He stimulates the clitoral area, the g spot and deep into your vagina for maximum pleasures. This big guy is 10 inches long (8.5 insertable), up to 2" wide and 6" around. Two multi-speed motors provide excellent stimulation at the base and head. Made from a jelly rubber with a cherry scent and color.

Bruno 13.9 inches Realistic DildoBruno 13.9 inches Realistic Dildo
Want to experiment with a larger dildo but don't know which one? Try this huge dildo that measures 13.9 inches long, (12 insertable) 3.4 inches thick. If this huge dildo is your choice, be sure to add an ample amount of water base lubricant to maximize your pleasure. Use a smaller dildo to warm up and then proceed slowly so you don't hurt yourself.

huge dildo black imageCyberskin Perfect Pecker
Cyberskin products are generally regarded as having the most life like feel with a soft outer skin and firm on the inside. This huge dildo is 8 inches long, (6 inches insertable), 2.25 inches wide and 7 inches around. He comes equipped with balls and a suction cup base for a hands free sexual adventure. Don't forget to read all the dildo reviews to learn what actual users think.

dildo reviews graphicCyberskin Extreme Dildo
Satisfy your big cock cravings with this Cyberskin dong that measures 9.5 inches long (7.5 insertable), 2.5 inches thick and 7.75 inches around. You'll love the smooth gratifying sensations of this huge dildo as he slides in and out of your vagina or anus. This new product requires a bit more care but are surly worth it for the realistic feeling they have. Using it anally is not recommended without a condom.

Dick Rambone - Beige imageDick Rambone
Caution: This is an extraordinarily huge dildo that measures 17 inches from the tip to the suction cup base. A ridiculous 15 inches that are insertable and 2.5 inches thick, this monster is not for the meek, experience players only. Made from a firm rubber with a textured surface and balls, it was actually cast directly from Dick's monster cock.

Dildo users have hundreds to choose from, all sizes, types and styles are available to suit almost anyone's needs and it's so easy to buy a sex toy online. The most common mistake is ordering one too large, experiment with multiple fingers to determine your maximum size. It is much better to get a nominal size that feels good than to overload your vagina or anus. Very few can get enjoyment from a huge dildo of more than 2.5 inches in diameter.

Modern Sex Toys home 

When I first decided I want to try a sex toy, I was pretty sure what I wanted, at least I thought I did until I went shopping, it was totally overwhelming to see literally thousands of adult toys on the market. I finally decided I had to narrow it down to the the type, then the style, and then the size. When I did that, it began to come together quickly and I placed my order. There's a lot of discussion about dildos, the type, style and size, however, little is really written about the size. The types include realistic models that have all the features of an erect penis, including the balls. Some of the realistic models have a suction cup base while others have a built in vibrator. You can even find models that ejaculate, how’s that for being realistic. The style could be a dong, just  straight without balls, it is possible it could have a suction cup base. Some have bumps, ridges or swirls to add stimulation for the user. There are many variations in types and styles, not to mention all the different materials they are created from, latex rubber, jelly rubber, glass, hard plastic, metal, Cyberskin and hordes of other new lifelike materials available. Then there’s the size, determine what size is comfortable in your anus or vagina by using cucumbers, zucchinis or just multiple fingers to find your best width or thickness. Once you know the diameter, and then concentrate on the style and type. One word of caution, don’t let your eyes overload your ass or vagina, the most common mistake in buying a dildo is getting one to thick. It’s true that a vagina will dilate to a larger size as will the anus, but there’s a limit and when it’s not comfortable, it won’t feel good, and that’s the whole objective. Now for experienced users and for women that have given birth, the diameter is still important but not as critical as in younger women with a tighter vagina. Using a huge dildo is the right size for some folks, but most of us do better with a nominal size.