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Midget Sex

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Many of us enjoy watching midget sex porn flicks, it’s amazing how they are able to contort those small bodies into any position imaginable. Watching these petite women take huge cocks to the hilt is a mystery to me, where does it all go. How can a woman that’s just over three feet tall have such a big pussy? Maybe that’s why midget porn films are so popular. There are a lot of little people in these films with both male and female stars and from different ethnicities. Some of the little guys are well hung and you’ll see them with big people and performing well.

Porn stars like Bridget the Midget helped many others get into the business, generally making more money in porn films than anything else they could do. Even if it’s bit parts, it puts a lot of little people to work, many of them are part time actors and work else where as well. When the call comes for an acting job they go perform and then it’s back to the doldrums of everyday work. When you have a family to feed, you do what you gotta do. Their choices of jobs are much less than for big people, I’m afraid we all take too much for granted.

It’s a bit strange how midget people can have a regular size off spring and big people can have a midget baby, I know, you have to understand genetics better than me. Watching little people cope in everyday life is inspiring, almost everything they do, or have is designed for big people, I take my hat off to them for their courage.